National Certificate III in Media Production

Program Category


Certificate Level

National Certificate III

National Certificate III in Media Production


  • Observe personal and work place hygiene practices.
  • Practice health, safety and security practices.
  • Provide effective customer care.
  • Practice effective workplace communication.
  • Record Sound_R1.
  • Prepare audio assests_R1.
  • Perform basic sound editing.
  • Perform basic vision and sound editing.
  • Install and disassemble audio equipment _R1.
  • Assist with a basic camera shoot_R1.
  • Develop basic lighting skills and knowledge_R2.
  • Develop techniques for presenting to camera_R1.
  • Develop techniques for presenting Information on air_R1.
  • Present programs on air_R1.
  • Use social media tools for collaboration an engagement_R1.

Entry Criteria

Completion of Grade 6

15 Weeks