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A good education is the foundation for a better future!

Producing Skilled Proficiency

Since 2010

Welcome to the Island Institute of Tertiary Education

We are commited to providing higher education opportunities for all Maldivians in a convenient and affordable way.

Building an environment which celebrates diversity

We believe that every student enrolled to IITE Business School is a unique individual and they need a unique treatment in the teaching and learning process. We believe our students will learn more through the following.


Our wide variety of TVET programs allow students to get started on their careers and provide them with a good foundation to move forward.

Maritime Academy

Focused specifically on marine operations. Our Maritime academy prepare individuals to become capable transportation officers.

Corporate trainings and seminars

We have conducted various corporate trainings and seminars for clients locally and internationally. We strive to satisfy all our clients Get in touch to learn more.

We impart and embrace life through powerful means of education

IITE Offers a wide range of corporate trainings and customized trainings on the request of our corporate clients. Our main clients include, private companies, public limited companies, joint ventures, resorts and resorts establishments.

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