National Certificate III in Food and Beverage Services

Employees that work in the food and beverage industry offer services that improve the eating experience for customers. These services include managing a particular area of the restaurant, mixing ingredients for food preparation, serving customers at tables, and delivering orders to the table.

Program Category


Certificate Level

National Certificate III

National Certificate III in Food and Beverage Services


  • Develop tourism industry knowledge.
  • Apply work ethics and professionalism.
  • Follow health, safety and security procedures.
  • Practice effective workplace communication.
  • Provide effective customer care.
  • Perform basic computer operations.
  • Provide first aid.
  • Respond to Fire.
  • Participate in safe food handling practices.
  • Apply knowledge of nutrition to food preparation.
  • Apply knowledge of cutlery, crockery and glassware.
  • Set and lay-up tables for service.
  • Prepare, carry, serve and clear food and simple beverages.
  • Take food orders.
  • Prepare and serve simple beverages.
  • Serve food and beverage.
  • Collect Payments.

Entry Criteria

Completion of Grade 6

15 Weeks