About Island Institute of Tertiary Education

Formed with the mission of producing proficient individuals in the maritime sector of Maldives in view to further develop the sector, the institution was registered in 2010 as a noble initiative of Capt. Mohamed Saud and his friends Capt. Mohamed Naeem, Capt. Adhil Rasheed, Mr Ahmed Musthafa, and Mohamed Ahmed Didi, who together have more than 150 years of Seafaring knowledge and experience in their respective professions in the maritime sector.

The management of the Institute has a strong fortitude to move forward in the field of teaching and ripen the Academy to the standard that it becomes one of the top educational institutions in this region, with a strong reputation of producing well trained people especially in the Maritime sector. But now, IITE has expanded with its new wing, IITE Business School.

Our, TVET, Maritime and Business School commits to provide higher education opportunities for all Maldivians in an affordable way, with innovation and a total commitment to our quality. Our Vision and Mission are guided by the following objectives.

  1. Provision of certificate, diploma and degree level courses in selected areas
  2. Unveiling opportunities for all round development of the students; cognitive, personal and social growth.
  3. Catering to the training needs of corporations.
  4. Endurance in excelling positive classroom teaching and learning activities.
  5. Total commitment to quality improvement and continuous mprovement
  6. Building physical resources and human capital to nurture contemporary education for our students
  7. To build strong relationships with local communities by managing stakeholders’ relationships effectively.
Our Vision

To produce graduates equipped with relevant, up-to date knowledge, skills and values essential for them and to the global market through accredited programs.

Our Mission

To cater to the growing demands of the corporate sector through high quality, short term skill development programs.

Core Values

We will promote a culture of upholding the following values which would be integral to the work among staff and students.

  • Quality & Excellence: We will strive to give high quality service to all its customers and stakeholders.
  • Affordability: We will strive to offer all its programs at a reasonably priced level that the general public can afford.
  • Innovation: We will strive to improve its operational capacity by introducing
    new ways, ideas and programs to suit the customers and by encouraging creative
    teaching learning methodologies
  • Accountability: All staff and students will strive to have sense of responsibility for their accomplishments and be answerable to its stakeholders.
  • Social responsibility: Our staff and students will strive to serve the community and the nation as an integral and purposeful part of professional life.
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In Our Growing Client

Corporate Trainings

IITE Business School Offers wide range of corporate trainings and customized trainings on the request of corporate. Our main clients include, private companies, public limited companies, joint ventures , resorts and resorts establishments etc.

  • Addressing Organizational Diversity (AOD)
  • Budget Financials (BF)
  • Customer Service Excellence (CSE)
  • Leading By Example (LBE)
  • Managing Stakehodlers Relationship (MSR)
  • Power House Safety Management
  • Success Project Planning and Implementation
  • Team building, Goal-setting and Motivation
  • Time Management
  • TQM in service excellent
  • Work Life Balance
  • Work Place Ethics
  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Building and Leading Effective Teams
  • Communication Skills for Managers
  • Creatring Social Value through social responsibility
  • E-learning and Digital Education
  • Evaluating and Financing public private partnership Projects
  • Finance for Non-Finance Executivies
  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Positive Organizational Behavior
  • Project and Contract Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategies for Cost Leadership
  • Team Dynamics – Activity Based Approach

Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe that every student enrolled to IITE Business School is a unique individual and they need a unique treatment in the teaching and learning process.

It is one of our highest priorities to build an environment which celebrates diversity. We learn that teaching is more than a reciprocal-relationship between teachers and Business School students. We are determined to build bridges of respect, faith, trustworthiness and sincerity towards motherland, Maldives and avail the opportunity for our students to contribute the world positively.

Our pedagogy will enable students to construct knowledge at all times. We teach our students to engage mind, body and soul in the learning activities.

IITE Business School Students will learn more;

  • through collaborations, they will construct knowledge socially,
  • performing experiments,
  • engaging in observations,
  • through real life reflections,
  • using modern SMART technologies.

IITE Business School promotes student-centered teaching and learning techniques integrating holistic educational approach. Our Teaching faculty will use expeditionary and adaptive instructional methods. Thus, we expect IITE Business School students to unfold opportunities to discover themselves on their hidden talents and practicing skills in authentic real-life situations.

  • IITE Business School strives through affordability, innovation and quality assurance to achieve the following.
  • Our Students will make learning more meaningful; they will learn the relevance of subject matter to our daily life scenarios
  • Our Students will always promote positive learning
  • Our Students will develop a habit of critical thinking
  • Our Students will be actively-engaged in the learning process
  • Our Students are Self-Discovery; Students will be life-long learners. 

These objectives will be accomplished using variety of assessment and evaluation techniques from conventional assessment techniques such as written unit/ assessment tests etc. to other alternatives of assessment such as debates, group discussions, oral and verbal questions, role play, projects, rubrics, reflections, anecdotes etc. IITE Business School Teaching and Learning Environment will be a conducive and safe. We will promote usage of low-cost Teaching Aids. Students of IITE Business School will learn with confidence, enthusiasm and enjoyment.

We believe our students will have the capability of making a positive change/making a difference to show a better world for the generations to come. IITE Business School highly encourages students to uphold moral and ethical principles in their life-long learning process. IITEBusiness School promotes HIPS – High Impact Practices in Pedagogy. We empower students making them believe learning occurs everywhere. IITE Business School is dedicated to raise the students to create a sense of pride among them. They will be self sufficient in their life.

Corporate Social Responsibility
and Public Relations

As part of our business philosophy we are determined to conduct and participate in corporate Social responsibility programs. 

Our business philosophy is mainly driven by it. We have been creating awareness across nation through our free workshops and seminars to targeted audience on life skills programs. We have also been doing women empowerment programs and programs to develop business architects of future.

Our Safety, Health
and Environmental Policies

We always endow Safety and Health at work and we are ILO registered institute adhering international labor laws and best practices.

We are determined to go “green”. As policy level, we economize the use of paper, and we engage in the continuous recycling of paper. Both our staff and students are environment friendly and we have developed a system of fully automated, computerized administration at our office as part of these policies.

Core Team Details

We are fortunate to have highly professional, dedicated, energetic and competent blend of human resources. They possess the required experiences and expertise in their field of work. They work round the clock to impress our clients.

Captain Adhil Rasheed

Capt. Adhil Rasheed MSc, MNI
CEO, Maritime Academy of Maldives

Captain Adhil Rasheed attained Master of Science in Maritime Operations from Liverpool John Moores University, UK in 2006 and obtained Class 1 Master (F.G) Unlimited from Maritime Coastguard Agency, UK in 2003. Upon completion of his formal education, he chose Seafaring as a career in 1991. Sixteen years from this life changing initial step prompted by his love for seafaring, he now commanded the prestigious Hanydymax vessels worldwide. He has also undergone “New building supervisor” training in Saiki, Japan during which he successfully supervised two ship erections in all stages, as a trainee.

Resource lectureship experience at the Maritime Training Center, Maldives National University Male’ in 2009 further enhanced his dedication & commitment to attain his goal. In keeping with this lofty and noble vision, Captain Adhil has undergone extensive training abroad that has given him excellent experience and peer recognition. To be a lecturer at the first ever United Nation Conference on Trade Development (UNCTAD) program of “Diploma in Port Management” held in the Maldives on 2011 is worthy proof of his success.

In his capacity as CEO & Education Program Director at IITE, he relentlessly pursued & received full recognition from Liberian Maritime Authority (LISCR) and ISO 9001-2008 from IRS, and Later ISO 9001-2015 from BV.

Captain Adhil renders his expertise when and where required. He serves as a consultant for several local maritime companies, including the Maldives National Defense Force. This expertise includes a variety of maritime related issues, policy implementation and in salvage operations.

Apart from being the CEO of MAM, Captain Adhil Rasheed is also a consultant of Triton Consultants & Surveyors where he carries out ISM, ISPS & MLC Audits, Ship inspection, Valuation and marine surveying. He is a correspondent to Charles Taylor & Co. Limited, Greece, West of England P & I Club, and Britania P & I Club, UK.

In addition to this, he is the Co-founder of Nautical Institute, Male’ Branch, and Co-founder of Island Institute of Tertiary Education