National Certificate III in Entrepreneurship

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Certificate Level

National Certificate III

National Certificate III in Entrepreneurship


  • Leadership Skills to lead an organization and manage a team  as an entrepreneur.
  • Communications and Public Relations for Entrepreneurs.
  • Time management techniques for self-development.
  • Change management concepts and strategies for real life situations.
  • Develop Self-esteem and confidence through self-awarenessand self-development strategies.
  • ICT skills required for successful entrepreneurs.
  • Understand Basic Concepts of Entrepreneurship.
  • Generate Creative and Viable Business Ideas.
  • Develop a Business Plan.
  • Model Characteristics and Behaviors of Successful Entrepreneurs.
  • Select Profitable Investment Opportunities.
  • Make Effective Entrepreneurial Decisions.
  • Understand the Characteristics and Environment of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • .Make Effective Marketing Decisions as Business Owner.
  • Apply Key Operations Management Practices to an Organization.
  • Understand the basics of planning and managing finance in an Organization.
  • Read and Understand Key Financial Statements of an Organization.
  • Make Effective Long Term and Legally Compliant Human Resource Related Decisions for an Organization.
  • Formulate an Organizational Strategic Plan.
  • Apply Good Governance Principles and Effective Managerial Practices to an Organization.
  • Identify Beneficial Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Maldivian Industries/Sectors.
  • Follow Policies and Regulations for Establishing and Operating a Business in Maldives.

Entry Criteria

Completion of Grade 6

15 Weeks